Cape Services
helps you to round the cape.

In the early days, seafarers from the Dutch East India Company (VOC) were heading towards a new unexplored world.  At the start of the VOC in 1602, the trip was a real expediton: many dangers had to be defeated before the promised land was reached.  Only few men survived these voyages and returned to their homeland.

In the beginning, the journeys to the Far East weren’t the succes VOC was hoping for, due to the many human losses. The turning point was the founding of a way station somewhere half way in 1652.
The predecessor of ‘Castle of Good Hope’ was founded and served as a restpoint for the VOC.  The VOC was now able to serve the ships with new provisions, fresh men, fresh water and especially advice on how to proceed.

Over the years the way station has grown and is now known as Cape Town.

In today’s world, companies are constantly looking to find the promissed world of new implementations of services to explore the world of fresh products and services offered to their customers.
Many companies will have to struggle with a lot of dangers that come along with the
implementations of new systems to improve performance, the exploration of the
business systems, changes within the company, knowledge gathering,  etc…

Cape Services helps you to round the cape and guides you around the hurdles in modern business.  It is the way station in todays and tomorrows business, just as Cape of Good Hope was in the early days.

Cape Services helps you on various business domains and is specialised in:

  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • Project and Change Management
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Advice and Human Resources

 I hope to welcome you back on our site soon.

Jorn Van den Driessche

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